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Class of 1976!
  • GCHS76 Mission: Continually improve student achievement and provide a stimulating curriculum that will foster a lifelong thirst for knowledge.
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Class of 1976

GCHS76.com. The spirit lives on.

Class Officers

Under the Eagle's shadow, seniors take flight.


Sounds of Bicentennial music rings on.

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"On the Wings of Eagles"



Let the majestic abilities of the eagle inspire you to loftier heights.
See like an eagle. Set your sights on the important things that help you achieve your goals.
Fly like an eagle. Use your parents, teachers and friends to help you make your hopes and dreams come true.
Spread your wings and dare to fly. Take off on a journey of new experiences that will be full of achievement and accomplishment.
Just like riding on the wings of eagles, you have with you the ability to make your dreams a reality.


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